Buy and Sell Your Friends, or Just Bluff Them

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Buy and Sell Your Friends, or Just Bluff Them

The top 10 applications on Facebook:

ApplicationWhat you can do with itActive users
Super WallSend comments, videos and virtual graffiti to friends.2.5 million
FunWallShare videos and virtual graffiti with friends.2.4 million
Top FriendsAdd your favorite friends to your profile.1.7 million
Bumper StickerMake custom stickers to personalize your profile.1.4 million
Owned!Put price tags on friends and "buy" each other.850,000
Friends for SaleBuy and sell friends as pets.770,000
Are You Interested?Find out who is interested in you.660,000
Texas Hold 'Em PokerPlay poker with friends, with extra chips for inviting friends to join the game.640,000
(Lil) Green PatchPlant virtual flora to make your profile "greener."615,000
ScrabulousPlay an offshoot of Scrabble with friends.570,000

SOURCES: Facebook, staff reports

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