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Liveblogging Yahoo-Google Conference Call

Sue: There is a considerable amount we think we can continue to monetize in the head of the curve. [ Doesn't answer].

Q: How much was the TAC split debated?

Sue: It is competitive.

Q: Do you think there are opportunities where partner sites will go to GOOG and bypass Yahoo, and are there minimum guarantees?

Sue: Yahoo Partner network is included in this deal. That will be an option. The deal does not extend to new partners that join our Publisher network. I can't comment on financial terms in terms of guarantees.

Q: Is this a different set of advertisers, and is the $800 million annual?

Sue: The revenue opportunity is annual, based on current monetization numbers not future. We are open to third party networks in display in the way we are now with Google. We think an open approach will assure scale and the best advertising rates and the best match for consumers.

Q: What will be the biggest regulatory hurdle?

Yang: Given it is a commercial agreement, no regulatory hurdle. But we agreed with the Dept. of Justice on a voluntary basis to a 3 and half month review. We have engaged with Google to backfill our ad inventory.

Q: What revenue might you be cannibalizing?

Jerry: The ramp towards full implementation, we won't be talking about that. We want to leverage this relationship to build a sustainable marketplace around Yahoo. As we learn of ways to create benefits for Yahoo advertisers, we will understand more as we get into it.

Sue: What we saw from testing was consistent. When we contemplate incremental cash flow as we ramp up, we contemplate how we may ramp that up in various verticals or queries where Google is strong and we don't have a strong position now.

[That's it. Conference call is over].

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