Ovechkin's Next Goal: Most Fashionable Player

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Friday, June 13, 2008

He's the highest-paid player in National Hockey League history, and was named MVP last night -- and now Alex Ovechkin has added another title to his formidable résumé: Fashion muse . . . or whatever you call celebrities with a clothing line named after them.

The 22-year-old Washington Capitals star debuted the Ovechkin Designer Street Wear Collection on Wednesday night in Toronto . . . and can we just say he looks hot? Not sexy-for-a-hockey-player-hot, but male-model, smoky-stare hot?

"It's pretty cool," Ovechkin told us yesterday. "Maybe all the time I'll be wearing these clothes."

Ovechkin teamed up with Reebok and Canadian fashion designer Roger Edwards for the collection of black-and-red T-shirts, hoodies and hats (about $25 and up) inspired by Ovechkin's preference for expensive clothes, cars and accessories. "All the things you like in life when you can afford it -- and he can afford it," said Edwards. "He likes great design."

Edwards created a personal logo with Ovechkin's No. 8 topped with a stylized version of the onion domes in Moscow. Originally slated for the Russian market, the line was snapped up by Pro Hockey Life, a Canadian sporting goods company, and is available only north of the border -- but plans are in the works to sell it in D.C.

Ovechkin is one of the rare athletes who actually wear the clothes they endorse: He left Wednesday's party in one of the shirts and hats, and he may model the duds at his bash tonight at Teatro Goldoni. That should make him easier to spot in the crowd. Ovechkin said he's no longer dating that Russian cutie Katja-- which means he's eligible, ladies.

Jenny on the Hill? Why Didn't We Know?

If a Hollywood star visits Capitol Hill without informing the media . . . did it really happen? If there isn't a news conference, is there a point? Jennifer Lopez's stealth visit Tuesday to Barack Obama's office -- glimpsed by only two intrepid journalists, from the Hill newspaper and WDCPIX.com photo service -- remained shrouded in mystery, if only because stars usually beg for coverage of their politicking. Sources say the actress/singer and her sister visited Obama's office, among others, to discuss issues they want to work on, such as health care and education. The senator was gone, so they chatted with staff members.

Hey, Isn't That . . . ?

· Michael Stipe getting swarmed by a mob of shrieking teeny-boppers -- er, no, wait, make that grown-up policy wonks at an al fresco party on the grounds of Merriweather Post Pavilion after R.E.M.'s Wednesday show. The singer (white cap, long-sleeved tee, dark jeans, tiny in person) stuck it out for all of about 10 minutes. Otherwise, the high-profile lefty crowd could mostly talk about one thing only: Obam a.

· Fred Thompson driving a red convertible down Pennsylvania Avenue on Wednesday afternoon -- polo shirt, top down, unlit cigar -- looking "unencumbered," said a witness, and as happy as you've ever seen the former presidential candidate look.


"It was like prom night in D.C.! To have a personal perspective on the mix of celebrities, media, senators and congress people was amazing. Just seeing the people behind the media -- that they're actually just people!"

-- Rosario Dawson on her trip to the White House Correspondents' Association dinner this year, in the new Capitol File. Oh, just make up your own "Soylent Green" joke. They're people!!!

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