It Came in the Mail

Sunday, June 15, 2008

An occasional look at products the travel industry insists we need.

WHAT: GoStereo iPod Foldable Speakers.

AIMED AT: Music-loving travelers who want to listen to tunes out loud.

HOW MUCH: $8.99.

BUT DOES IT WORK? Driving a no-frills rental car recently, we found that the only way to listen to our iPod was with earphones (unsafe) or a portable speaker. That's where the paperback-size GoStereo speakers, with their plastic base, came in handy. We popped in four AAAs, slipped the iPod into the central holster and hit the road. At first, the music was thumping through the tiny speakers just fine. Then something funny happened after about an hour: The static started. We checked the connection between the cord and iPod, repositioned the speakers, turned them off and on; all to no avail. We tested them again in our hotel room and got the same static whine. We had to fiddle with the radio and sing a cappella the whole way home.

-- Christina Talcott

The GoStereo iPod Foldable Speakers are available in white, black and pink at

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