Something to Get Off My Chest

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Sunday, a few of my friends and I decided to brave the scorching heat and watch the Washington Nationals play the San Francisco Giants. The heat index was going to be over 100, but that didn't stop us from going to RFK Stadium to cook out and take advantage of the free parking and shuttle service provided by the Nationals. When we got to our seats -- $50 each, in the 100 level behind first base -- we were right out in the blistering sun. No worries, we thought. We bought a few beers, at $7.50 each, and kicked back to enjoy the game.

Around the third inning, a ballpark employee informed me and a friend that we would have to put our shirts back on. We were told it was illegal and considered "indecent exposure." We pointed out the many other shirtless men, and she assured us she was getting to them as well. We were dumbstruck.

We were not drunk, loud or rude. We were simply sitting in our seats watching the game. As this was happening, I thought about how we and many other fans had just spent a considerable amount of money to support the Nationals. This is how we are treated? If it is illegal to have your shirt off, I had better be careful when I go running on the Mall.



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