Parent Questions Motives Behind Push for Diversity

(By Julie Zhu -- Montgomery Blair High School)
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Extra Credit:

Regarding your May 22 column ["Wealth's a Poor Way to Grade a School"], the idea that "diversity" is inherently beneficial is itself racist. People can benefit from interaction with all kinds of people, and all kinds of people can be detrimental.

To declare that meeting a person of a different ethnicity or background is automatically beneficial is indefensible and cannot be substantiated by any quantifiable measures. Furthermore, the guardians of the politically correct have determined that encounters with only certain minorities and ethnicities are beneficial, ruling that encounters with Asians, American Indians and Middle Easterners don't count.

Hence, all the accusations that we Fox Mill parents who want no part of South Lakes High School are racists although we have purposely enrolled our kids in a school with a foreign-language immersion program that is heavily attended by many, many non-Caucasians.

Despite its alleged sensitivity to racism, the Fairfax County School Board is behaving in a racist manner by insisting that first South Lakes and now Graham Road Elementary School have too many brown and black kids, and that the schools need to more white kids to improve. Of course, the board would dare not use the word "race," substituting Free/Reduced Lunch and English for Speakers of Other Languages as proxies for African American and Hispanic students and using the euphemism "balance" rather than saying "too many," which appears to be the board's position.

The board's recent debacle regarding its analysis of students' behavior scores is further evidence of its agenda.

Clearly, the board ordered the analysis expecting the outcome to support a new racial quota system, only to have the results of the analysis turn out to be embarrassing. Why haven't we heard which of the members requested the analysis and its intended purpose?

Dan Carney


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