Obama Campaign Advisers Remark on Energy

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Monday, June 23, 2008; 4:15 PM



OPERATOR: Good day, everyone, and welcome to the "Obama for America" conference call. At this time, I'd like to turn the conference over to Mr. Hari Sevugan. Please go ahead, sir.

SEVUGAN: Thanks, Patrick.

Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining us.

We wanted to get you all on the phone today. I'm joined by Jason Grumet and Jason Furman, advisers for our campaign, to discuss John McCain's recent proposals or the proposals that he's going to put out today concerning energy and the reality of his record when compared to the rhetoric that he's going to be offering today.

I'm going to hand the call over to Jason Furman.


FURMAN: Thank you, Hari.

In 26 years in Congress, John McCain had the chance to make a difference for energy security and America's families, and he consistently not only didn't make a difference, but has stood in the way of the people like Senator Obama who have been trying to improve our energy security.

Now, on the campaign trail, John McCain has made his priorities clear. His energy proposals kicked off and started with ideas designed to propose meaningful relief for oil companies that are struggling with record profits.

He's only now belatedly gotten around to talking at all about our energy future with a set of proposals that stand in stark contrast to what he has done in the Senate over the last 26 years and are themselves completely insufficient and tiny compared to both the scope of the problems that families face and the large windfalls that he wants to give to the oil companies.

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