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Ralph's Race Card

"My point isn't that Obama has to go to mega-fundraisers where rich activists are paying $2,300 a piece and serve them burgers and dawgs. But if I was advising the Obama campaign - a group that seems to be quite serious and disciplined about managing their candidate's image - I'd make sure that for every story that ran with details of glitzy, wine and brie fundraisers, there would be two stories in the news showing Obama eating burgers and dawgs with ordinary folks in places like Ohio and Michigan."

Well, maybe. But what does McCain serve at his fundraisers?

Speaking of the Arizona, here's a stunning, not to mention shocking, revelation in Politico: "John McCain Doesn't Work Weekends."


The subtext: whether he has the "vigor" to be president.

"McCain has done little to capture media attention on weekends for nearly five months. "McCain aides say that they made a conscious decision after it became clear that they had won the nomination to use weekends primarily to return their candidate to his preferred surroundings in Arizona and to have him rest, bone up on policy, and meet privately with aides, advisers, contributors and other prominent officials. "And, they contend, there was little chance anyway of getting much exposure on the weekends in the face of the other contest that dominated the news in recent months."

Has McCain undergone a tax-cut conversion? The New Republic's Jonathan Chait isn't buying the spin:

"Grover Norquist expresses his satisfaction with the current, tax-cuts-for-the-rich-loving, incarnation of John McCain. Norquist says, 'He was just voting against Bush in general. I think it was pique.'

"This has become a common explanation for McCain's liberal past. I don't really believe it. Certainly, when it comes to taxes, it's demonstrably false.

"McCain was attacking the Bush tax cuts as an unaffordable, morally dubious sop to the rich as early as 1999. I wrote a cover story at the time about McCain shocking deviation from the central pillar of Republican orthodoxy. The supply-side position is the one orthodoxy Republicans simply are not allowed to question. That's why McCain's alienation from the GOP was inevitable. It's also why he had to reverse himself in order to become an acceptable 2008 nominee."

Here's a story that began in the National Enquirer:

"Sexy CBS siren Lara Logan spent her days covering the heat of the Iraq war - but that was nothing compared to the heat of her nights," the New York Post says in a front-page splash.

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