Putt Glut

Sunday, June 29, 2008

With dozens of courses of every conceivable theme and difficulty level, there's something for everyone in Myrtle Beach (everyone who loves mini-golf, that is). Here are five of the best:

· Hawaiian Rumble (3210 U.S. Route 17 S., North Myrtle Beach) is the jewel in the MB mini-golf crown, 18 holes of South Seas bliss. Don't miss: the erupting volcano. $7.44, free for 3 and younger. Info: 843-458-2585, http://www.prominigolf.com/rumble.html.

· Cancun Lagoon (2101 S. Kings Hwy.) is a Mayan-themed course with outdoor and indoor holes, the latter in a Chichen Itza-style temple. Don't miss: the spectacular indoor lightning storm. $8, free for 4 and younger. Info: 843-444-1098, http://www.cancunlagoongolf.com.

· Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff (707 N. Kings Hwy.) is one of the "lost world"-type courses with plenty of dramatic terracing. Don't miss: the great view from near the Atlanticus summit. $8 for adults, $7 for children before 6 p.m.; $9 adults, $8 children after 6. Info: 843-444-1008.

· Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf (1325 Celebrity Cir.), just one of the many entertainment offerings at the gigantic shopping and entertainment complex Broadway at the Beach, has an impeccably well-kept castle and environs. Don't miss: the fire-breathing title character. $8.75, $7.75 for ages 3 to 6, free for 2 and younger. Info: 843-913-9301, http://www.broadwayatthebeach.com.

· Mayday Golf (715 U.S. Route 17 N.) is perhaps the area's premier "disaster" course, complete with a plane crash story line. Don't miss: the doomed yellow Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon. $8, $7 for ages 4 to 12; free for 3 and younger. Info: 843-280-3535.

-- S.V.

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