iPhone Roundup: China Mobile Clears Hurdle; Canadians Want Cheaper iPhone; Hutchison's Prices

Dianne See Morrison
Monday, June 30, 2008; 5:00 PM

? China Mobile-iPhone "Hurdle" Cleared: The on again, off again talks to bring iPhone to the world's largest mobile market is on again. Retuers reports that China Mobile will bring the iPhone to China, after Apple ( NSDQ: AAPL) relented on its revenue sharing policy. China Mobile spokeswoman Rainie Lei said while the "the biggest hurdle" for the largest Chinese mobile operator has been now been cleared, there were still some "practical issues" to sort out before the iPhone launched. No timetable has been given, but Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said before that he hopes to launch the device in China later this year.

? Canadian iPhone Fans Balk At Prices: The iPhone launches in Canada on July 11, a year after its American debut. Canadian iPhone fans, however, aren't happy with the tariffs that Canadian operator Rogers is offering with the device, reports Fortune. Canadian who want the iPhone will have to sign a three year contract with the network, with tariffs that compare unfavourably to AT&T's plans. For example, the $75 month plan gives Candian users two-thirds the airtime, half the texts, and caps data usage at 750 MB. Canandian iPhone fans have created an online petition ruinediphone.com to hope persuade Apple's Jobs to cut another deal with a competing carrier to hopefully bring the price down. As of this writing, it's got 16,374 online signatures.

? Hutchison Unveils Pricing: Hong Kong's Hutchison Telecommunications has released details of its pricing for the iPhone, reports Dow Jones. The operator will sell the 8 gigabyte iPhone for HK$2,938 ($377), with a 24 month, 500-megabyte combined data and voice plan for HK$188 ($24) a month. An unlimited data plan with the 8 gigabyte version will cost $64 a month on a two-year contract. Hutchison is the country's largest 3G mobile network, with 1.15 million 3G subscribers at the end of March.

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