The Last Hours of Ronnie L. White's Life

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


11:57 a.m.: Dispatchers receive a report that Cpl. Richard S. Findley has been hit by a vehicle and has a possible severe head injury.

Shortly after noon: A 911 caller reports seeing two men, one bloodied on his back and side, at Laurel Square Apartments a few blocks away. The caller says the men were trying to flag down a car and entered the apartment building at 13609 Avebury Dr. Police cordon off the apartment complex and capture Ronnie L. White, 19.


12:24 a.m.: White is admitted to the correctional center. Before being placed in a cell, he is given a medical assessment, according to the Corrections Department. He is given a clean bill of physical and mental health, officials say. He is placed in a maximum-security cell by himself and checked on every half-hour.


4:30 a.m.: White is served breakfast.

10:15: During a routine check, officials said, "correctional officers found him sitting on the side of his bunk, alert."

10:15-10:30: According to officials, no one has contact with White during this period.

10:35: A corrections officer bringing White lunch finds him unconscious, "sitting on the floor against his bunk." An ambulance is called.

11:08: Ambulance leaves the jail.

11:28: White is admitted to Prince George's Hospital Center.

11:39: After emergency workers cannot revive him or detect a pulse, White is pronounced dead.

1:30-2 p.m.: A chaplain notifies Angela White that her son has died in police custody.

3:30: Col. Gregory O. Harris, a jail official, holds a news conference to say that on-site medical staff members "found no visible signs of trauma" when they discovered White unconscious.

-- James Hohmann

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