Thursday, July 3, 2008

What a long, strange, crazy trip this political campaign is. It seems endless, doesn't it? Scandal and Swift-boating, charges of flag-pin denial and Bittergate, Olbermann vs. Hannity. One thing we've learned: If you're slogging around the campaign trail these days, the safest route seems to be: When it doubt, shout it out. Wear your patriotism on your sleeve. Or on your lapel. Or on your tie. Or on your boxers . . . or your briefs.

So no one gets any funny ideas.

Want to avoid all that flag-pin sturm und drang? Just $21,000 buys 38 square rubies, 58 round diamonds and 12 square sapphires that guarantee no one will doubt your fealty to Old Glory. Feeling particularly partisan? Sport a little Obama or McCain bling with rhinestone brooches from Ann Hand. Let everyone know you've got the Fourth of July spirit with a Declaration of Independence tie from Après Peau. With this presidential dogfight, everyone in your family is fair game, too, so make sure that your pooch is safe with a "Proud to Be an American" doggie tee.

Because in today's political climate of focus groups and talking points, you can never protest too much.

-- Teresa Wiltz

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