Toying With Art

In "This May Sting a Little," a girl doesn't know her own strength. (By Andrew Wodzianski)
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By Jessica Dawson
Friday, July 4, 2008

· Art referencing childhood, the trend that won't die, takes a stroll through DCAC, bringing along a mixed bag of photography, sculpture and works on paper -- some of it pretty good. One is Steven Strawn, who offers a battle of dolls and monsters that revisits Greek legend with a cast from Mattel. Another is Andrew Wodzianski, who departs from his overwrought portraiture to play with found images. Here he inserts the beastly bodies of superheroes onto the silhouettes of '70s-era fashion girls. One sylph wearing a pink dress is interrupted by massive pectoral musculature yet seemingly oblivious to her superpowers. A comment on contemporary women, perhaps?

"Kid Mutiny" at the District of Columbia Arts Center, 2438 18th St. NW, Wednesday-Sunday 2-7 p.m., 202-462-7833, to July 13; On July 13, DCAC hosts a 5:30 screening of the documentary film "Toy Punks" and a 7 p.m. curator's talk.

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