Sunday, July 6, 2008

Did anyone else notice the similarities in the grim farewells to NSO Music Director Leonard Slatkin by Style's Anne Midgette and Metro columnist Marc Fisher to the reaction when a former Redskins coach left town?

"Things I wished I could have done here, and I probably could have done here but I didn't do a good enough job at it," Slatkin told Midgette.

Midgette wrote: "Within the space of a few years, he (Slatkin) went from being a whiz kid to not even being seriously considered for recent vacant music directorships around the country. The idea began to spread that Slatkin was phoning it in."

Fisher added: "He (Slatkin) did not achieve in Washington what he had set out to do."

Slatkin to NASCAR?

While I'm into peace and love, good karma and all the rest, I choked when I turned on the "Nationals Network" to see the Nats broadcast team in some sort of communal arrangement with our Orioles brethren. I could buy into all this "love your brother team" nonsense if the Orioles organization hadn't tried desperately to keep baseball out of D.C. I don't want to share anything with the O's, including our broadcasts. Question: When do we get out of this awful MASN cable deal?

Bill Irvin, Woodbridge

I thought MASN's announcers were fine.

* * *

I've been a Redskins fan for years [and] had season tickets until the adventure to the new stadium in Landover took hours and costs for tickets skyrocketed. I still watch the games on TV, but cannot turn off the sound and listen to Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff on the radio because their narration lags the play by two or three seconds.

Jim Boone, Fairfax

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