McCain Manager Predicts an Even-Money Race

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sen. John McCain raised just more than $22 million during the month of June, and his campaign manager said yesterday he expects the Republican presidential candidate to stay on nearly equal financial footing with Democratic Sen. Barack Obama through the November election.

Campaign manager Rick Davis said he expects that McCain's fundraising, along with the efforts of the Republican National Committee, will provide the candidate with $200 million to spend before the convention Sept. 1-4.

Davis put the amount in McCain and party accounts at $102.6 million, meaning the senator and the RNC would have to raise $100 million in July and August to meet that goal. One leading Republican finance expert interviewed yesterday called the projection "fanciful," and another said it is "dubious," given that the summer months are notoriously difficult for fundraising. Both spoke on the condition of anonymity because they said they were concerned about reprisals from the McCain campaign.

In a conference call, Davis said McCain and the RNC expect to spend $410 million before Nov. 4. McCain's decision to participate in the public funding system will limit his spending to $84.1 million between the nomination in early September and Election Day, but the RNC is under no such restrictions. Obama opted out of the system and can therefore spend as much as he can raise.

-- Matthew Mosk

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