The Unkindest Cut

By Colbert I. King
Saturday, July 12, 2008

If the Rev. Jesse Jackson has trouble with something Sen. Barack Obama has said, why does Jackson wish to have the senator from Illinois neutered?

Don't get me wrong.

Jackson is within his rights to charge -- as he did in a Fox TV studio this week -- that Obama's pitch for federally supported faith-based initiatives is "talking down to black people." I don't share that assessment.

But here's what nags at me: If Jackson's problem is with the words leaving Obama's mouth, why does he want to relieve the man of his testicles?

Jackson, in a comment caught on a microphone that he thought was turned off, said of Obama: "I wanna cut his nuts off."

Pray tell: Wouldn't it make more sense for Jackson to conjure up a response directly related to Obama's action, such as, well, calling for the removal of his tongue -- as in the biblical injunction: "If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away?"

('Course, the reference is to your own eye, not someone else's.)

But castration?

What a curious punishment.

The mere thought causes me to cross my legs.

But if the notion of rendering the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee infertile sounds ludicrous, consider who would do the slicing and dicing? None other than the reverend himself. "I wanna cut," declared he.

Portly and nearly 70 years old, Jesse Jackson could catch a cold faster than he could catch the trim, fit, 40-something Obama.

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