Facebook's Payment System Nigh?

Mark Hendrickson
Saturday, July 12, 2008 10:18 AM

AllFacebook is reporting that some users have noticed an SSL version of Facebook upon signing in (notice the "https" in lieu of regular "http" in the address bar below).

Why would Facebook be deploying secure connections? Perhaps it just wants to secure the transmission of user passwords. But as Nick O'Neill speculates, the social network is probably prepping for the release of its upcoming payments system for developers who want to collect money from their applications' users.

In late March, Dave Morin confirmed at a Snap Summit that the system would be rolled out within 180 days. And with the F8 developer conference just one and a half weeks away, it's a safe bet that the payments system will be formally released then (probably in conjunction with Facebook Connect). Just how it will change the landscape of Facebook applications, which rely primarily on advertising revenue, has yet to be seen.

Photo credit: Joshua Backer

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