Sunday, July 13, 2008

So nobody is watching the Nationals on television? Only 9,000 regional households in local markets are tuning in, according to the SportsBusiness Journal's analysis of Nielsen data. How do they know who watches the Nats? My friend Bill watches. They never called us.

Like the writer last week, I could never be an O's fan. But the uniting of the Nats' and Orioles' broadcast teams with the blossoming rivalry is great television. All involved adding insights, and quality game analysis.

Nats ownership has selected competitive players who are losing games they can win. The Nats are already a success in establishing that we can support a team, and for my money, are a stranded base runner or two from being over .500.

Pat Parsons, Bowie

Are you kidding me? A base runner or two from being over .500?

* * *

So here are the Nats with the worst record in baseball. No doubt star-crossed, they are a dead team emotionally. You look in the dugout and it's a morgue led by a manager with no spark to light a fire. Wasted starting pitching, misdiagnosed injuries, reliance on players perpetually on the DL and the slowest healers known to man. Oh well, nowhere to go but up.

Glenn Goldstein, Reston

You and Pat need to talk.

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