Bounded Generosity

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Monday, July 14, 2008

Night after night, hundreds of those primo, $300-a-game seats behind home plate have been empty at Nationals Park. After our colleague Paul Farhi wrote about all that embarrassingly empty acreage, Army Lt. Col. Luke Knittig had a nifty suggestion: Why not fill those seats by giving them away to uniformed military personnel, he wrote in a letter to The Post.

Not only would it be a nice gesture, Knittig wrote, but all those uniforms might make an impressive backdrop on TV.

The Nats mulled. Two months later, spokeswoman Chartese Burnett told Farhi that the organization has begun working with National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center to give tickets to service members and hospital personnel. "We've been reactive and proactive," she says. "We never turn down a request."

Sounds like a win-win! So, how many of those seats will our folks in uniform be filling every night? Burnett didn't know offhand, but said she'd find out.

A few minutes later, her answer:

"We've allotted between six and 10 tickets per game."

Oh. Well, it's a start.


· Born: A son and daughter to Angelina Jolie, 33, and Brad Pitt, 44, Saturday night in Nice, France. The twins -- each five pounds even -- are the fifth and six children of the globe-trotting superstars: a boy ( Knox Leon) and a girl ( Vivienne Marcheline, named after Jolie's mother). The newest Jolie-Pitts debuted at La Fondation Lenval hospital, near the family's home in the South of France, where Pitt helped with the Cesarean delivery and cut the umbilical cords. Jolie's doctor said the babies are doing "marvelously well"; the mayor of Nice held a news conference on the hospital steps showing off the birth certificates; and the frenzied bidding for first pictures has already topped $11 million, which the couple says will be donated to charity.

· Wed: Former Obama adviser Samantha Power, 37, to law professor Cass Sunstein, 53, in County Kerry, Ireland, on July 4. She's the journalist, academic and foreign policy star who left the campaign after bad-mouthing Hillary Clinton; guests at the ceremony included historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, activist John Prendergast, New Republic's Leon Wieseltier, former ambassador Richard Holbrooke, CBS's Jeff Greenfield and a slew of the Irish-born Power's family members. The newlyweds met while advising the Obama campaign, and he's leaving his longtime berth at the University of Chicago to join her at Harvard.

· Wed: Fox News correspondent Molly Henneberg, 34, to Marine Capt. Chris Nagel, 30, in her hometown of Falls Church on Saturday. Met at a Christmas party just seven months ago (turned out they attend the same church and their dads have been friends for decades); got engaged three months later. She's covering the 2008 campaign; he's a military lawyer. First marriage for both.

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