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Bounded Generosity


· Josh Brolin ("No Country for Old Men," "American Gangster") and Jeffrey Wright were arrested early Saturday after a bar fight in Shreveport, La. The actors, along with crew members working on Oliver Stone's"W," were taken away in handcuffs when a party at the Stray Cat bar got out of hand -- requiring four police cars and several cops on bikes. Brolin was booked and posted $334 bond, the Shreveport Times reports. Stone's biopic about President Bush began filming in May with Brolin as Bush and Wright as Colin Powell.

· A Los Angeles judge has issued a restraining order that gives actor Verne Troyer-- Mini Me of "Austin Powers" movie fame -- one more week to keep his sex tape under wraps. Troyer made the video with a former girlfriend, was shocked when it turned up on TMZ and is now trying to negotiate a permanent ban with the porn distributor that acquired it. Seemed like a good idea at the time? Never a good idea.


"Hi, this is Senator Tom Bromwell. I can't come to the phone right now because I'm in jail. If you care to leave a message, I'll call you back in six years. By the way, I'm doing okay."

-- A recent outgoing voice-mail message from the former Maryland state senator (D-Baltimore County), according to the Gazette. Bromwell entered a federal pen in Massachusetts on July 1 to begin his sentence on racketeering and tax-crime charges.

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