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Monday, July 14, 2008; 1:10 PM

Chapter Four: The Levys

This press release from the Metropolitan Police Department was distributed to try and tamp down the rumors that Chandra had visited Condit's apartment "more than a couple of times."

Chapter Six: The Predator in the Park

The burglary report filed when Guandique broke into the apartment of Tomasa Orellana, a neighbor on Somerset Place.

The incident report Halle Shilling filed with the National Park Service when she was assaulted in Rock Creek Park.

The Superior Court of D.C. issues an order to hold Guandique without bail pending a trial for his alleged crimes in Rock Creek Park.

The statement Christy Wiegand filed with the U.S. Park Police after being assaulted in Rock Creek Park.

Chapter Eight: A Singular Focus

In a statement by the Levys' attorney, the family rejects the polygraph Condit administered independently.

Chapter Ten: A Jailhouse Informant

Christy Wiegand submits this written statement to Judge Noel Kramer about Guandique and the impact of being assaulted in Rock Creek Park.

The prosecutor, Kristina Ament, submits this memorandum to the judge to summarize Guandique's alleged offenses and advocate for "a substantial period of incarceration."

Chapter Twelve: Pursuit of the Predator

A memorial flyer that was distributed at a public service in California.

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