Conservative Think Tank AEI Names a New Leader

By Michael Abramowitz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, July 15, 2008

For the first time in more than two decades, one of the leading institutions in the conservative movement will have new leadership.

The American Enterprise Institute announced yesterday that Arthur C. Brooks, a professor of business and government policy at Syracuse University, will replace Christopher DeMuth as president on Jan. 1. Brooks, 44, holds a doctorate from the Rand Graduate School and has written extensively about such topics as happiness, social entrepreneurship, and other issues connecting politics, culture and economics.

His appointment brings a new generation of leadership to the AEI, which has been one of the favorite think tanks of the current administration. Top AEI scholars have been strong supporters of the Iraq and the troop "surge," though its specialists have criticized many of the second-term Bush policies in foreign policy, particularly relating to North Korea. The think tank has generally been in favor of free markets and a strong national defense.

"With research ranging between prophetic ideas and technical policy details, AEI has always acted as a steward of American ideals of private liberty, individual opportunity, and free enterprise," Brooks said in a statement released by the AEI yesterday, adding that he is "fully committed to building on the Institute's amazing record of success."

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