Interchange Project to Include Pedestrian, Bike Path

By Robert Thomson
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I live near the Telegraph Road-Interstate 495 interchange. I was wondering whether there are plans to include a bike path or pedestrian walkway under the Capital Beltway, or near it, in conjunction with the interchange construction there. As construction progresses, it is clear that there will be multiple bridges and raised roadways over Telegraph Road. Please tell me that there was some consideration of pedestrian and bike traffic in the plans.

Charlie Roberts


There will be a pedestrian and bike path in the Telegraph Road interchange project. The path will take people along a ramp on the east side of the interchange, from Telegraph Road northbound directly to Eisenhower Avenue. It is scheduled to open late next year or in early 2010, said Alexander E. Lee, a spokesman for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project. The Telegraph Road construction is the last big phase of the bridge project, which involved not only the bridge but also four nearby interchanges in Virginia and Maryland.

Hybrid or Scofflaw?

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

After reading the complaints about single drivers in the HOV lanes, I had to wonder how many of the complainers look at the type of vehicle to make sure it's not a hybrid. Many times I would watch car after car passing by in HOV lanes with single occupants, but many were hybrid cars, which are exempt on HOV lanes, at least in Virginia.

I know there are a lot of violators, but next time, make sure your ire is justified. I, for one, wish Virginia had not extended the hybrid HOV exemption. Yes, they are better then normal cars in fuel mileage, but I would think one regular 30-plus mpg car with two passengers would still be better then two hybrid cars with single drivers. A hybrid car going 70-plus mph isn't getting that much better mileage anyway.

Eric Erny

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