Baggage Rules

Sunday, July 20, 2008


United Airlines started it all back in March, announcing that it would charge $15 for a second checked bag on domestic flights. From there, the trend escalated -- airlines' way of managing jet fuel prices. Now some carriers charge passengers for all checked luggage, and many have raised their overweight and oversize fees. Even bags that are allowed free of charge must, in most cases, weigh 50 pounds or less, and the sum of a bag's length, width and height must be 62 inches or less. To prevent passengers from dragging big bags into the cabin, some airlines are becoming more vigilant about carry-ons as well. Most major airlines have a "one bag and one 'personal item' " rule. Below are the fees that several major carriers charge for oversize and overweight baggage, as well as new checked-bag fees and size limits for carry-ons. Note that a bag may be subject to a triple whammy of charges if it's too large, too heavy and one too many. Maybe you don't need all those shoes. -- Christina Talcott

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