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Monday, July 21, 2008

Regarding Philip Kennicott's July 15 Style article, "It's Funny How Humor Is So Ticklish":

The longer I reflect on the cover with the illustration of Barack and Michelle Obama, the more offensive I find it. There is nothing funny about depicting a candidate for president of the United States and his wife as terrorists.

Yes, I understand the satire, Mr. Condescending Editor of the New Yorker. Perhaps you could make an effort to exercise some discretion when selecting cover art for your magazine. Or does the cover of your next issue depict John McCain as an antiwar illegal alien?




The New Yorker's editor, David Remnick, considers the magazine's cover depicting Barack Obama as a Muslim as satire. Mr. Remnick's defense is that since the New Yorker is "liberal-minded," it wouldn't publish the slurs and innuendo depicted in the cartoon.

I find his rationale both self-serving and elitist. Are we to believe that "liberal-minded" people are incapable of expressing slurs and innuendos regarding Mr. Obama?

I would like to remind Mr. Remnick that it was Hillary Rodham Clinton who helped fan the innuendo that Mr. Obama is Muslim by her shrewdly placed "as far as I know" comment (in rejecting the innuendo) during the Democratic primary campaign.

And more recently, it was the Rev. Jesse Jackson who made a hateful remark against Mr. Obama. Perhaps Mr. Remnick believes that the New York senator and the activist were only providing us with more "liberal-minded" satire.



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