Jimmy Fallon Gets An Early Shot At Replacing Conan?On The Web

David Kaplan
Monday, July 21, 2008 2:07 AM

Jimmy Fallon is getting a year's head start as Conan O'Brien's replacement as host ofLate Nighton NBC?but it will be online, not TV, NYT reported. Given the largely forgettable movies (Fever Pitch,Taxi) Fallon has made since leaving his perch as co-anchor ofSaturday Night Live'sWeekend Update sketch, a little seasoning is probably necessary.

Late NightandSNLproducer Lorne Michaels wants to start posting the online video version of Fallon's show this fall. The expectation is the posts will be about five- to 10 minutes long and will hit the web this fall. New posts are expected to be added at 12:30 each night?the five minute window between Jay Leno'sThe Tonight ShowandLate Night. Michaels wasn't sure what site will run the Fallon pre-Late Nightshow. As NBC announced officially in May, O'Brien will move from his current spot to replace the outgoing Leno in the earlier time slot in 2009. O'Brien will tape his last new show as host ofLate Nightnext February to get set for the new job. In the meantime, Michaels hopes audiences will get used to seeing Fallon on a regular basis at that point.

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