Scouting Jason Taylor

The Redskins dive into preparations for the upcoming season.
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

With Jason Taylor on the trade market for much of the offseason, many NFL teams held internal discussions about acquiring him. Below are excerpts of scouting reports compiled on Taylor by the personnel departments of two teams, one in each conference:

TEAM A: "Seven of his [11] sacks last year came on protection busts or against very weak-ability OTs [offensive tackles]. . . . Does not look like he wants to play the run as much anymore. Concern will come when offense commits to check-with-me run game at him on run downs [the quarterback reads the defense at the line and directs the run play to the side he feels is weakest]. . . . He's a real good savvy pass rusher and understands how to game plan his opponent on the pass rush. . . . At the end of his career and would be a good leader to teach young players the tricks of the trade."

TEAM B: "He still has a strong counter move [on the pass rush] and a high motor. . . . He's a quality player, but based off of last season he is starting to decline. . . . Has long arms and the needed strength to play the tight end at the point of attack. . . . Doesn't get out-leveraged. . . . Definitely still a starter, but his Pro Bowl days may be behind him. . . . Might be best if used situationally. . . . Usually lines up on the right side but can flip-flop" to the left.

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