Redskins Notebook

Campbell Unhappy With His Play in Camp

The Redskins dive into preparations for the upcoming season.
By Jason Reid and Jason La Canfora
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quarterback Jason Campbell said he was disappointed in his performance the first two days of training camp.

"I'm just not playing my type of ball right now," he said. "I know I can play at a high level if I play my type of ball, but I'm not doing that right now. I'm putting pressure on myself. I'm just trying to please everybody instead of just playing, just being myself and letting go.

"I know I'm a good quarterback. I know I don't have anything to prove. I've just got to go let go, go out there and have fun. Just play the game. You play your best when you're just playing loose and having fun. Just don't worry about a whole lot of things. Don't worry about what people think."

Although Coach Jim Zorn said he was pleased with Campbell's progress in running the Redskins' new West Coast offense, Campbell said he made poor throws on several plays in the first session yesterday.

"I worry about trying to make every play," Campbell said.

In Zorn's scheme, Campbell must make the correct protection calls for the offensive line and determine the direction of running plays based on the alignment of the defense.

"That's not an issue," Campbell said. "As far as controlling the run game, that's something I did in the past; it's second nature right now. As far as picking up protection calls, I know how to do that. That's something I've done before.

"That's routine stuff you get better at each and every day. The things I'm talking about . . . I just have to relax and play my game. I want to make every throw perfect, but I know every throw won't be perfect. That's how I put too much pressure on myself and the ball gets away from me."

Daniels Aims to Come Back

Phillip Daniels, whose season is over because of a torn anterior cruciate ligament, said yesterday he realizes the significance of this injury for him at 35. He trained as hard as ever but is unsure if that will pay off.

"This was going to be my year," he said.

Daniels said he hoped for the best after being carted off the field early in the first practice of training camp Sunday morning.

"I was hoping for good news," he said -- and slept a bit during his MRI exam. As soon as he came out, "The look on the doctor's face told me a lot," and Daniels learned his season was over before it could begin.

"Do I want my career to end this way -- I really don't," Daniels said. "But if it does I've had a great career, and I've done a lot of things. But I'm going to try hard to come back."

Smoot's Ankle Responds

A day after cornerback Fred Smoot sprained his left ankle, he participated in full drills. Smoot, who appeared to move well while he backpedaled and worked in coverage, said his ankle responded well to treatment.

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