Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Numbers Game
The spring Arbitron ratings for total audience, compared with the winter. A share reflects what percentage of the audience is tuned to a particular station over the course of a week. Previous ratings are in parentheses; T denotes a tie.
StationWinter '08Spring '08
1.WHUR-FM (R&B)6.1 (2)7.3
2.WTOP-FM (News)6.6 (1)5.9
3.WMMJ-FM (R&B)5.1 (3t)5.8
4.WPGC-FM (Urban Contemp.)5.1 (3t)5.4
5.WASH-FM (Soft rock)4.4 (6)4.8
6.WKYS-FM (Hip-hop)4.6 (5)4.5
7.WIHT-FM (Top 40)3.9 (7)4.2
8.WMZQ-FM (Country)3.6 (9)3.7
9.WMAL-AM (News-talk)2.9 (10t)3.6
10.WRQX-FM (Adult Contemp.)2.9 (10t)3.3

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