As the Murder Series Winds Down . . .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This loyal reader disagrees with a letter discounting the interest in and importance of the July 13-27 series of articles on the unsolved murder of Chandra Levy [Free for All, July 19]. I am captivated by the story, including the descriptions of incompetence on the part of those involved with the case. It is a classic Washington tale of politics, intrigue, connections and naivete. Keep up the good work!

-- Maria Olsen

Chevy Chase


While it's clear your series on Chandra Levy has been thoroughly researched down to the last detail, I recommend at least some editorial discretion with regard to which details are necessary and which words are appropriate in the context of professional investigative journalism.

For example, the repeated reference to a pair of "black panties" seems gratuitously salacious [Chapters 7 and 8, July 20-21]. Unless you are a copy writer for the Victoria's Secret catalogue or perhaps Playboy, women wear "underwear."

-- Julia Hiatt

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