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Show Your Interest, Even If It's Through Your Blog

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Recent law school graduate Brandon Fuller is looking for a job with a nonprofit environmental group.

Overall, Fuller presents well, said Cathy Wasserman, a career coach and author of Idealist.org's Ask Cathy column. "His résumé is neat, well-organized and has no typos," she said.

"However, he doesn't demonstrate that he has much environmental experience, aside from his legal classes and a little less than six months of experience as a law clerk working on environmental regulations and legislation. . . . In fact, it is not at all clear from this résumé that he has more than a passing interest in environmental issues."

Wasserman suggested that Fuller add a section on his volunteer work. "This would allow him to include his blog, which I strongly recommend."

She also suggested adding a professional profile. "Generally, I don't recommend having this kind of a section until someone has had a few years of professional experience," but in his case, it might help.

His education should go at the bottom, as he has a job, she said. And he should bold-face his degrees, not his schools. "Unless someone went to a very prestigious school, it is more important to emphasize what someone focused on, not where they focused on it."

-- Mary Ellen Slayter

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