Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The pros and cons of

Sen. Barack Obama's possible running mates:

Timothy M. Kaine

Governor of Virginia

Pro: Young, Catholic and Southern, Kaine is decidedly not from

Washington and has appeal among working-class voters. He also is personally close with Obama.

Con: A one-term governor with no national security or foreign policy

experience, Kaine could add to Obama's problems when his record is contrasted with that of Sen. John McCain.

Evan Bayh

Senator from Indiana

Pro: A former governor of Indiana, Bayh has more experience than Kaine but brings some of the same outside-the-Beltway advantages. His Midwestern state could be competitive.

Con: Widely considered to lack charisma, Bayh is sometimes described as bland. He is not closely identified with any particular issue or accomplishment during his time in the Senate.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Senator from Delaware

Pro: A longtime senator with decades of foreign policy

experience, Biden would immediately add gravitas to Obama's foreign policy team.

Con: It would be hard to describe Biden as anything but a creature of

Washington, and his long history in politics includes several gaffes.

Prone to long speeches, Biden has said plenty that could be fodder for


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