This Could Be Just the Ticket for Bringing Some Young Blood to Town

The Kaine family, from left, Nat, wife Anne, the governor, Woody and Annella.
The Kaine family, from left, Nat, wife Anne, the governor, Woody and Annella. (Michaele White -- Office of the Governor)
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Anyone feeling nostalgic for those sweet early months of the Bush administration, when we suddenly had two fresh-faced and photogenic teens in the White House, might have felt a little thrill with the news that Barack Obama is seriously considering Tim Kaine as a veep pick.

Because guess what the Virginia governor has at home? Three teenagers! The oldest of whom (a) is 18, same age Jenna and Barbara were when they hit the national radar; (b) has the looks of a Disney Channel idol; and (c) seems willing to put himself out there on the campaign trail.

That would be Nat Kaine, who graduated last month from Maggie L. Walker Governor's School in Richmond -- dad was commencement speaker -- and will enroll at George Washington University this fall, we've learned. The bike-racing enthusiast campaigned for Obama with his dad in Iowa last fall and with actor Kal Penn (Kumar of "Harold and Kumar") on several college campuses. In his blog, Nat praised the candidate as "an international man" who "is not hopelessly embroiled in the current political mess in Washington."

There's less out there thus far about Woody, a Virginia Tech fan who just turned 16 and shrewdly keeps his last name off his Facebook page; and Annella, 13, who is out on Chincoteague today with her father to watch the annual pony swim. The whole family also does an annual backpacking trip, often to Douthat State Park in Virginia's Allegheny Mountains.

Cutting a more public figure: terrier-mix Gina, adopted from a shelter around the time of Kaine's 2005 election -- who recently starred on the cover of Family Dog magazine.

A Swimming Pool That's Fit for a Wizard

In a blog posting six months ago, Gilbert Arenas promised his new swimming pool -- by "the guy who made Hugh Hefner 's pool" -- would be stupendous, and now photos obtained by our sports blogging colleague Dan Steinberg suggest this is indeed no average natatorium. The blurry images taken at the superstar Wizard's Great Falls mansion show elaborate landscaping -- a rocky cliff enclosing a swim-in grotto with its own fish tank. The reported million-dollar project is supposed to be completed next month. Please send the inaugural pool party invitation to

This Just In . . .

· Sen. John Kerry can't be too happy about the pictures that landed on yesterday. The shots show the Massachusetts Democrat on Nantucket with a bevy of young blondes, some holding drinks and beer cans. The senator's office issued a sharp rebuke, calling TMZ's insinuation that he was partying with the women "completely erroneous and insulting." Spokesman David Wade said Kerry had just dined with two friends and was walking down the dock Saturday night when the group recognized him and asked for a photo. Kerry quickly left, but the pictures -- including some lively shots taken on their boat without him -- landed on the popular gossip site.

· Shia LaBeouf may be off the hook for causing Sunday's car crash in Hollywood. A sheriff's spokesman said yesterday it appears the other driver ran a red light and crashed into the young actor's pickup; LaBeouf still has to answer the drunken-driving charges.

End Quote

"I almost registered as a Democrat to be rebellious, but I registered as an Independent instead. Then my dad bragged about it, so it backfired."

-- Meghan McCain on party affiliation in the September issue of Glamour magazine. John McCain 's daughter, 23, registered as a Republican for Father's Day. She's taking a break from the campaign, according to her blog; last week she hung out in Hollywood with another blond Republican: "The Hills" reality star Heidi Montag.

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