Scrabble Suffers Hacks And Software Bugs On Facebook

Matt Kapko
Thursday, July 31, 2008; 1:07 AM

Scrabble, which replaced the popular Scrabulous application that was pulled from Facebook yesterday, has been attacked by a hacker and pulled from the site, reports. Electronic Arts, which distributes Scrabble in a partnership with Hasbro, released a statement that read: "We're working with our partners to resolve this issue and have Scrabble back online and ready to play as soon as possible." Scrabble was apparently shut down soon after the Scrabble knockoff Scrabulous was taken offline yesterday after Hasbro filed suit against the Scrabulous game makers. Speculation about how Scrabble encountered problems today ranges from disgruntled Scrabulous users that might have hacked the system or bugs in the software that simply caused the outage. EA claims outside hackers were at fault, but reports some believe that may be more of a cover to save face. Scrabulous has a vocal fan base in the U.S. that counted about half a million users before it was pulled from Facebook. A Scrabble Boycott group has come together on Facebook with thousands of members calling for a complete boycott of the Hasbro game to force Scrabulous' return.

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