The Hill Elects to Widen the Scope of Its Pretty-People List

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Thursday, July 31, 2008

The summer just got a little hotter with yesterday's release of the Hill's "50 Most Beautiful" list. As in previous years, the faces are lovely and bodies buff -- but the newspaper's fifth annual contest has expanded the gene pool by including children and spouses, such as . . . No. 4, drop-dead gorgeous "British goddess" Elizabeth Kucinich.

"For our fifth anniversary, we wanted to add something new," editor Betsy Rothstein told us. Congressional family members include "leggy blonde" Laurie Coleman, wife of Sen. Norm Coleman; Briana Bilbray, daughter of Rep. Brian Bilbray; and Coty Wamp, daughter of Rep. Zach Wamp.

Running out of great-looking people? "We had too many," Rothstein sighed. "We received nearly 400 nominations of staffers, lobbyists and lawmakers. It's not an easy process."

This year's No. 1 pick is Tulani Elisa, a 24-year-old legislative assistant for Rep. Ed Markey, followed by a string of young, good-looking Hill regulars. In 2007, an actual congressman -- Indiana's "tall, dark and handsome" freshman Rep. Brad Ellsworth-- topped the list. This year, the first elected official comes in at No. 9: Rep. Gresham Barrett, a 47-year-old Republican (and former high school quarterback) from South Carolina.

Even black sheep Vito Fossella, the now-disgraced, drunk-driving, illegitimate-child-fathering rep from New York, made the cut. The lawmakers are chosen early, said Rothstein, and the scandal did not disqualify Fossella.

"Someone asked me, 'If Ted Stevens was good-looking, would you have put him on the list?' " she said. "Absolutely. I think Ted Stevens is very handsome, for the record."

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

· Tiger Woods turning heads in D.C. Tuesday night. The golf superstar (gorgeous dark suit, dark shirt, tie) first dropped into Morton's in Georgetown, where he dined with three guests (shrimp cocktails, salmon, New York strip and filet mignon), then went on to Tattoo Bar on K Street, where he sat at a VIP table and drank Grey Goose and cranberry.

· Joe Lockhart at the George Michael concert Tuesday. The former White House press secretary (jeans, dark shirt with cut-off sleeves) had a primo seat near the stage at the Verizon Center.

· Hillary Clinton getting an ovation at Charlie Palmer Steak Tuesday night. After dinner with Sen. Dianne Feinstein and four others in the private dining room, the New York senator (tan pant suit -- what else?) was applauded as she walked through the main dining room to the restaurant entrance.


· Split: Lance Armstrong and actress Kate Hudson. The Tour de France champ raced through his latest celebrity romance in just three months, Us Weekly reports; no word on the next unsuspecting blonde. Dude, come up for air.

· Squabbling: Matt Grant and former fiancee Shayne Lamas. It's not enough that another "Bachelor" TV romance fell apart nanoseconds after the cameras stopped rolling -- now the ex-couple is bickering over the engagement ring, People reports. Lamas says she's keeping the $65,000, 2.85-carat platinum-and-diamond eternity band; Grant, who didn't actually pay for it, says she should auction it for charity.

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