Scrabulous Founders Launch New Word Puzzle Game

By Mike Musgrove
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, July 31, 2008; 10:09 AM

The brothers behind the popular Facebook application Scrabulous have returned with a new word puzzle game, only two days after they took down their Scrabble-like game in the wake of a lawsuit filed against them by board-game maker Hasbro.

The free game had been one of the most popular applications on the social-networking site, and many fans who turned to the game for a dose of procrastination each day griped loudly online when it disappeared. Hasbro had complained that Scrabulous infringed on its copyright.

The new game, Wordscraper, by Indian brothers Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla, has a whiff of Scrabble to it and features many of the play options that made many Facebook users fans of the original Scrabulous. But the game has a different point system than Scrabble, uses circles instead of squares and has a few other differences.

Hasbro partnered with videogame publisher Electronic Arts on an official version of Scrabble for Facebook that it is hoping to get Scrabulous fans to use.

But on Tuesday, when Scrabulous was taken offline for Facebook users in the United States and Canada, the "official" Scrabble game for Facebook was not working smoothly. EA said the application had been the target of a malicious attack.

Before it was shut down, Scrabulous had more than 500,000 users who were playing Scrabulous on a daily basis, according to its Facebook page.

Some Scrabulous fans are still annoyed with Hasbro for its part in pulling the plug on their favorite Facebook game.

In very early reviews, users who have tried out Wordscraper are so far giving the new game a thumbs-up on the game's Facebook page.

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