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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aztec Error

THANK YOU FOR FEATURING the Field Museum in your recent article about Chicago ("In Chicago, a Lake Shore Dive," July 20). We hope you can make one correction, though. The "Aztec World" exhibition is not permanent; it is a temporary show that runs from Oct. 31 to April 19. We do, however, have an exhibition titled "The Ancient Americas" that is permanent and speaks about the peoples of the Americas starting 10,000 years ago.

Orly Telisman

Manager of media relations,

Field Museum

Passport Card Kudos

I WANT TO THANK YOU for alerting your readers to the availability of the passport card and how its use is different from the passport book (Coming and Going, July 27).

Part of last year's heavy demand for passport books, which resulted in severe backlog problems at the Passport Services agency, was due to a lack of understanding among many American travelers on the new Western Hemisphere rules.

I would encourage you, come the new year, to publish a reminder piece on the uses of the passport card and book.

Rob Smith

Executive director, National Association of Passport and Visa Services

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