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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Richard G. Doty of Washington, the latest winner of our funny sign contest, spotted this sign in Southern Maryland. He writes, "I'm sure they knew what they meant -- business is good, and they're expanding their staff and their menu. But I got to thinking. What if they really were hiring oysters? Of what conceivable use could an oyster be, working in a restaurant? They got no hands, so they can't do the dishes. They got no feet, so they can't take out the garbage. Got no ears, so they can't even hear an order to take down, if they had hands to take down the order, which they do not. Do you suppose the whole thing is a cruel hoax, luring oysters with false promises of employment, then keeping them there for . . . other purposes?"

Seen an amusing sign in your travels? Read on.

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