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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What It Takes to Keep Weight Off

New research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine confirms that women who want to sustain substantial weight loss need 55 minutes of dedicated physical activity five days a week on top of their normal daily activities to keep weight from creeping back.

An accompanying editorial notes that the study shows it's hard to maintain a program of 55 minutes' activity a day, even when someone gives you a treadmill and calls you every so often to remind you to use it. The editorial further observes that the study's requisite amount of physical activity "can be achieved through a combination of strategies, including increased formal exercise, a modified work and school environment that allows for movement while working and learning, and a modified home environment with less television and more movement. Further research in sustainability of activity is urgently needed if we are to solve the obesity epidemic."

-- Jennifer Huget

mdem wrote:

I lost 15 lbs this year, combining running and eating well. A foot injury kept me sidelined for two months, and I got back on the scale this week and was stunned to see all the weight back on.

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