Hawaii Says Aloha To 50th Quarter

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hawaii Says Aloha To 50th Quarter

· If you have been collecting state quarters, be on the lookout for No. 50.

The 50th state in the union, Hawaii, unveiled its quarter yesterday.

Like all quarters, the front features George Washington. On the back is Hawaii's King Kamehameha (pronounced Kah-MAY-ha-MAY-ha), the first king of Hawaii, who became its ruler in 1810. (He is the only king to appear on U.S. money.) The coin also shows the eight main Hawaiian Islands.

When the state quarter program ends next month, about 34 billion of the coins will have been created.

But the collecting doesn't need to end. Starting next year, the U.S. Mint will begin making quarters for the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories.

This Rock Eats Greenhouse Gas

· A rock found around the world soaks up carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, and could be used to help slow global warming, scientists say.

The rock is called peridotite, and when it comes into contact with carbon dioxide, the gas turns into solid minerals.

A study on the rock will appear in today's edition of the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences.

The scientists said that the process in which carbon dioxide turns into a solid occurs naturally.

Peridotite is the most common rock found in the Earth's mantle, the layer directly below the crust.

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