Sen. John McCain Addresses the Iowa State Fair

CQ Trancriptswire
Friday, August 8, 2008; 4:21 PM

(JOINED IN PROGRESS) MCCAIN: ... prize-winning boar: Freight Train. 1,253 pounds. And it's a great -- a great experience.

(APPLAUSE) And as soon as I finish here, we're going to try to have a pork chop on a stick and a deep-fried Twinkie.


So thank you all for -- and, you know, I want to point out, this is the heartland of America. This is what America is all about. This is the people I want to know and meet.

And when the rigors of a presidential campaign, people talk about it, I get a chance to come here and reap -- and meet and greet the real America, the people that are providing...


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