Laurel Park

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Legal description of potential slots site: "A location in Anne Arundel County within two miles of Route 295."

Number of slot machines proposed: 4,750.

Surroundings: The eligible area is diverse, encompassing more than 50 square miles. Laurel Park, the horse-racing track, is located toward the southern end of the zone. Farther north is Fort Meade, Arundel Mills shopping center, and Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport and an adjacent hotel district. The area also includes residential and retail areas.

Pros: Slots proceeds would enhance purses at Laurel Park, a major facility in the county, as well as racetracks elsewhere in the state. Putting slots at Laurel could boost interest in horse racing, some say.

Cons: Slots at Laurel or elsewhere are expected to increase traffic congestion and social problems, including prostitution and addiction. Some have voiced concern about putting slots close to military facilities, including Fort Meade.

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