Relay Victory Translates Nicely

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"The Americans? We're going to sm ash them. That's what we came here for. If the relay goes according to plans, then we'll be on a roll."

-- French swimmer Alain Bernard

Roll? Make that a croissant to go, Monsieur Trash-talk.

Hard to say which was more fun, seeing the U.S. 4x100-meter relay team win in such dramatic fashion or seeing the French team lose in such dramatic fashion.

No it's not. Number Deux. Way more fun.

Quel pusses on the French team when Jason Lezak used his Midas touch to give the U.S. team a gold medal -- and Michael Phelps his second.

"Obviously, I've lost big time," Bernard told Eurosport. "But my disappointment has not gone away. . . . As the world record holder, I was naturally expecting to touch the wall first."

Then as the world record holder, Choque-Monsieur, I guess you were sadly disappointed.

But then Bernard ruins it by being somewhat humble, an almost unbelievable feat for an astonishingly cut, not unattractive Frenchman in a loincloth.

"When your teammates have given you a meter's lead, you naturally want to reach the wall first," he continued. "Certainly, the Americans were better and stronger than I. Maybe we had a little bad luck. But we still have a nice silver medal. That's not too shabby."

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