Maryland Lets an Industry Fade

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am a breeder of thoroughbred horses living on a small farm in Maryland. I've been devastated to watch Maryland's horse racing industry shrivel and slowly die, while neighboring West Virginia and Pennsylvania provide a flood of revenue from slot machine gambling, in the form of bonuses and growing purses, to their local breeders, owners and associated cottage industries.

Newspapers will mention that slots could help the industry [Metro, Aug. 10], but they never spell it out. Here it is:

I am almost unable to sell a registered, Maryland-bred horse at auction because Maryland breeders can't offer buyers the benefits that West Virginia and Pennsylvania breeders do as a result of slots revenue. Those two states provide lucrative bonus opportunities in their state-bred programs, and huge purses to the owners of their state-bred horses.

Maryland horse breeders, hay farmers, barn builders, veterinarians, feed sellers and equipment vendors need the benefits that slot machines could provide.


Upper Marlboro

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