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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Terry: I got to the restaurant about 30 minutes early, so I sat at the bar and had a beer. [About 7:30], the hostess walked me to where Kristin was, at a table. Kristin was gorgeous. She had sparkling eyes, and I could tell she's athletic.

Kristin: He had these cool glasses that gave him this hip, Clark Kent look. And he had bought flowers. That was really sweet and gentlemanly. He sat down and immediately said that some of his married friends put him up to [Date Lab]. I told him my boss put me up to it.

Terry: I was nervous because this is a very unusual way to meet someone, but she relaxed me right away. I liked the way she told stories, the way she would turn a phrase and her enthusiasm for things. And we had a lot of things in common: We both grew up on farms; we both like the Caribbean. We were talking so much the waiter came over a couple of times before we were ready to order.

Kristin: He had taken a personal retreat to St. Maarten. He went by himself and just sat on the beach and read and snorkeled. I thought it was such a bold, cool thing to do. I don't know that I'd have the courage.

Terry: I think I bored her to tears when I explained what I do. I'm a government contractor and produce podcasts. It's a lot of geek speak, very technical. We also talked politics. I thought that could be iffy, but it turns out we're both backing Obama. We spent a decent amount of time talking about that, which I would normally be hesitant to do on a first date. It was a lot of fun.

Kristin: At one point, he was talking about a down period in his life. He was in an unsatisfying marriage and then had a back injury. He had this light-bulb moment and realized he needed to take control. So he started getting in shape and cycling. I was really impressed by that. I swim, and love it as much for my mind as my body. We talked about the rhythm of swimming and cycling, and how there's more to it than the physical.

Terry: We were talking about dieting and keeping ourselves in shape. Then the dessert menu came. There was some hesitancy. I don't normally eat dessert, but cheesecake is my version of crack cocaine. And it's always nice spending dinner with a smart, good-looking, all-around sexy woman.

Kristin: [Afterward,] we went to the restaurant's bar. It had kind of cleared out, and I felt like we were closing the place down, but we were having a lot of fun. We were probably there for another 45 minutes.

Terry: She had taken the Metro, and I had driven. I got confused about which Metro and walked her to the Blue Line instead of the Red. We ended up saying goodnight twice, which was great. I got two kisses out of it, and she's a great kisser.

Kristin: [On a scale of 1 to 5,] I'd give the date a 4. I would definitely go out with him again. The potential is definitely there.

Terry: I'd give it a 5. Everything clicked. I hadn't had a first date like this in I don't know how long.

Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

UPDATE: The duo have been out several times since their date and are going strong. "She's a great woman," says Terry. "He's a wonderful man," says Kristin.

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