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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Chris: Word traveled through my office that I was going to do Date Lab, so they were giving me a hard time. But I didn't get nervous until I was leaving the house. When I got [to the restaurant,] I saw a girl walking up by herself. She was definitely cute, wearing a little sundress. I thought, "Wow, I hope that's her." And it did end up being her.

Angie: I applied [to Date Lab months ago,] and when I heard back, it was the same week I'd decided I was moving to Indiana. My friend was like, "You still have to do it." I felt kind of guilty. But a lot of [Date Labbers] didn't seem to be all that serious in the dating side of it. Chris is a pretty good-looking, all-American guy. But there wasn't an immediate attraction. I usually go for a really sharp dresser, really clean-cut. Chris was more casually dressed. But he was really friendly. I was relieved. We ordered a couple of margaritas and talked about our reasons for applying [to Date Lab]. I have a couple of friends who totally wanted someone to experience it. And of course they're in relationships. So I applied on my friend's birthday and told her it was a birthday present.

Chris: I got asked to do it by a co-worker. She's a big fan, and she's been trying to play matchmaker for me for a while. I figured, "Why not?" Angie's a Midwestern girl, which is good. I'm from Detroit, but I lived in Indiana for two years. And we both came to this area just over two years ago; we just showed up not knowing anybody. So we were comparing our experiences. The conversation flowed really nicely.

Angie: I was wondering how I was going to throw in that I was moving. Then he was like, "What are your plans [this weekend]?" I was like, "Actually, I've been packing up. I'm getting ready to move."

Chris: That was kind of a buzz kill; I was already feeling like I'd like to see her again. But I wasn't going to let it ruin the night. We started BS-ing about sports and just stayed there. She definitely knew her stuff. I was very comfortable with her. Taking pictures, it didn't seem like a big deal to put my arm around her. But I couldn't get a good read on [her]. She didn't push me away, but she wasn't overly flirty. After dinner, the Cubs game was on behind the bar, so we moved from the table and watched until the end. The bartenders poured shots, and we did a toast with everyone, including the wait staff.

Angie: That was around 10:40 p.m., so by that time I was ready to go. I asked [Chris for a] ride home. Once I got into my apartment building, I was like, "We didn't even exchange information." There wasn't really a reason. I think it was just that I was leaving. As a romantic thing, [the date's rating] would have to be a 3 [out of 5]. I didn't feel a spark, but he's really easy to talk to. If I weren't leaving, who knows? But I'm not the kind of person that I meet somebody for three hours and I'm going to keep in touch long distance.

Chris: She did mention that she was on MySpace, so I figured if I really wanted to contact her I could. I'd rate it a 4, only because of the whole moving thing. It's too bad, because I would have loved to hang out with her again.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

UPDATE: After her move, Angie had a change of heart. She called Chris, who flew out to see her for a wild, passionate romantic weekend. Okay, totally lying! They haven't spoken since.

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