Teddy Roosevelt Racing President

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Teddy RooseveltRacing President

Who says you can't love a loser? Nationals fans certainly have fallen in love with Teddy Roosevelt, even though the 26th president has never won the footrace against George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln staged during every home game. Does Teddy like his job even though he has never won? You can tell the answer to that just by looking at the smile that's always on his face.

Do you like working in the new baseball stadium?

[Nods yes.]

Are the other presidents jealous that you are the most popular even though you never win?

[Nods yes.]

Are you ever going to win a race?

[Gives a thumbs up.] (Teddy has defeated the Baltimore Orioles bird in a two-character race. However, Teddy has never beaten his main rivals, his fellow Mount Rushmore occupants. The two-character race was not sanctioned, so technically Teddy is still winless.

Do you get upset when you lose?

[Nods yes.]

Who's the fastest president?

[Points to himself.]

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