D.C.'s a Party Town? On Lifetime, It Is.

Krista Johnson (left, with sister Alexa and Chris Larsin in 2006) will be featured in "Blonde Charity Mafia."
Krista Johnson (left, with sister Alexa and Chris Larsin in 2006) will be featured in "Blonde Charity Mafia." (By Tracy A. Woodward -- The Washington Post)
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By Lisa de Moraes
Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, Washington is getting its own rich white blond party chicks reality series. Hooray!

This one is totally different than the others because the hot young blondes have -- a boutique!

With -- a Web site! OMG!

After producers made the rounds of the usual suspects -- MTV, Bravo, blah, blah, blah -- Lifetime, the chicks-in-peril cable network owned by Disney, bit.

Lifetime announced yesterday it has ordered six episodes of the "docu-series" (yeah, right) called "Blonde Charity Mafia," because, hey, it's Lifetime, the cause-y chick network.

"Blonde Charity Mafia" will star Katherine Kennedy, Krista Johnson and Sophie Pyle -- young members of the world of Beautiful People You've Never Heard Of, who are often photographed smiling at the polo matches, charity galas and other Parties You Did Not Get Invited To, featured in local society mags.

Casting for the show was done earlier this year with help from an online forum for hard-partying preppies in Georgetown, Late Night Shots.

The producers, whose credits include "The Simple Life" and "Road Rules," took a page from their earlier work, as well as from MTV's pretty rich blondes reality series "The Hills," whose stars' fame was driven not by the popularity of the show but by the publicity engine of celebrity suck-up shows and gossip mags. TMZ, for instance, had been giving the not-yet-famous Kennedy the full "You look beautiful, I can't believe you're shooting your show in Washington" paparazzi treatment before "Blonde Charity Mafia" had even been guaranteed distribution by a TV network.

In that vein, Lifetime gushed in its announcement that its hot blond chicks' "events are always a hot ticket; their dating lives are gossiped about; and sometimes merely their simple daily activities are chatter within the D.C. social set."

"Throwing these glamorous soirees every week, they are the young personalities of Georgetown and the darlings of the city's most fashionable clubs and hottest restaurants."

In case that wasn't laying it on thick enough, Jessica Samet, senior vice president for reality programming at Lifetime Television, added, "Katherine, Krista and Sophie are at the epicenter of Georgetown's young cultural scene."

Then, remembering this is Lifetime and not Fuse, she added, "This absorbing series will pull the curtain back on the fragility of friendship among the beautiful, wealthy and powerful."

And Lifetime reminded us it "is the leader in women's television . . . [and] committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families."


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