CAMPAIGN SLOG 73 Days to Go!

CAMPAIGN SLOG 73 Days to Go!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

On the way to Election Day 2008, the following has happened:

It seemed the Obama veepwatch couldn't get any more frenzied, and then yesterday started offering a live video feed from Sen. Joe Biden's house in Wilmington, Del. For hours we watched, captivated by the immediacy of something so prosaic. Look! The wind is rustling Joe Biden's shrubbery! Look! Various unidentified dudes are walking across Joe Biden's lawn! Sadly, there was no audio. The Web site also offered an occasional feed from Tim Kaine's gubernatorial mansion in Richmond and from Sen. Evan Bayh's stately brick home in the District. At one point, we tuned in to see that a silver car had appeared in the driveway of Bayh's home. And then: nothing.

CNN political director Sam Feist said the network had also been tracking the movements of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, as well as staking out Midway Airport in Chicago for the arrival and departure of private planes.

"We've been keeping track of their schedules for weeks," Feist said of the folks rumored to be on Barack Obama's shortlist. "I think one of them took their kids to camp today."

-- Libby Copeland

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