Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ana and I have one confirmed vlog fan in Denver. He is the change we've been waiting for. -- dceiver

Update! Second confirmed vlog fan! From the BBC, at that. We are going global! -- dceiver

In CBS Newsroom, took only 15 minutes to get through security today. Jeff Greenfield got up early AM and worked out -- I was impressed. -- Joe Trippi

Band is playing on floor, delegates starting to rowdy, dancing. Speeches should start soon. -- nyunews

Grabbing a quick bite with Dana Goldstein from the American Prospect, then on to the pepsi center. -- DCistAtDNC

Will blog for credentials. -- anamariecox

Dining on bison sliders and watching Mo Rocca interview Ed Rendell at Red Rocks at #dnc08. Rocca, BTW, is sporting awesome green pants. -- vermontgmg

ny delegation breakfast senator schumer just fist bumped charlie rangel who gave a rousing unity speech. -- Sara_HM

Just ran into Kal Penn at the Westin. -- ndn729

Out on the street with my crew. Interviewing protesters, hillary supporters and mccain look alikes. -- MattBritten

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